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5 Signs you hired a great contractor

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Hiring someone for your next project isn't the easiest thing. First, you need to find someone, then you need to find the right person. Here are five tips to help you narrow down the choices and help you make that decision to get your project started: Professionalism This can't be said enough. How your contractor appears speaks volumes. How they shake your hand, make eye contact to their body language is important. It shows character, confidence in what they do and respect. Make sure you have someone who demonstrates professionalism in their appearance as well as their work. Licensed and bonded We see it all the time where the customer doesn't ask if we are licensed and bonded. So we always make sure to tell them we are! It is so imperative to have the person working on your home to be not only licensed but insured in case something goes awry. The contractor you are working with should be happy to provide documentation upon request. If they hesitate or put it off, you may want to consider that as a red flag. Proper equipment If you are hiring someone to take care of a project for you, they should have proper tools and equipment to get the job done right. A seasoned contractor will always have the necessary tools/equipment at their disposal. Communication They knew what they were saying when they said, "Communication is key". Make sure you feel comfortable enough to ask questions or concerns you may have. You want the project done right, and the person working on it should make you feel comfortable enough to discuss something you want an answer to. Experience Look for reviews on thier social media page or Google page. In construction and remodeling, there is always something bound to come up not to plan. You want to have that person in your home who can give you suggestions on what to do if something is found in the middle of a project that needs repaired or replaced. What you don't want is someone who wants to walk away due to inexperience and leaves you with a bigger mess than when you started. Reviews can give you sure-fire testimonials on customers from first-hand experiences with the contractor. While these aren't all the things to look out for, it is a solid start. The main thing is to get someone you feel you can trust in your home and going with the good old saying of "trust your gut". There are great contractors out there who would love an opportunity to complete the next project on your to-do list.

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